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Carpet presents a flooring solution that is comfortable, warm, and inviting. The carpet you choose can be an expression of your personality and style. Modern-day carpet comes in different colors, textures, face weight, twist patterns, and density. Navigating through this can be challenging. At Western Floors, we will sit down with you and find out what your wants and needs are to be able to help you pick out the right carpet.

There are several benefits to installing carpet flooring. 
  • Warm & Comfortable
  • Wide Range Of Options
  • Budget-Friendly
  • Insulates Heat And Sound

Over the years, carpet has evolved and there are now more options to choose from. There are four main types of residential carpet. Have you ever walked into a room and seen a subtle pattern in the carpet? Well, most likely this is a textured carpet. By definition textured carpet is created by swirling stands into spirals. Then, it is pressed down in areas to form a pattern. A common use for textured carpets is in high traffic areas or in an office space. The most common carpet style used is twist. Twist is simply carpet fibers twisted to create a comfortable texture. The more the fibers are twisted, the more texture it will have. This type of carpet is popular because it is hard-wearing and maintains its finish. Because they have a more textured finish, they are also less likely to show traces of shading or tracking within the pile. Loop or Berber is also common in high-traffic areas. It is both durable and hides wear patterns well. It is one of the more affordable options in the carpet world. Patterned carpet is used to add a distinctive design to a room. It can be used to add originality and flair to any space. 

We believe that our expert team at Western Floors is a clear choice when you are wanting quality carpet installation. No matter what your budget or décor style, at Western Floors, we have the products, colors, and materials to match! Contact us today to set up a free consultation. 

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